Holocaust Resource Collection

The Holocaust, including the breakdown of democracy in Germany and the steps leading to the Nazis' organized murder of six million Jews and millions of other innocent victims, forms the core case study of Facing History and Ourselves. Facing History classrooms help students understand that history is not inevitable, and that the choices of ordinary citizens shape our lives and the lives of those around us. We are committed to helping students around the world understand this history in order to develop their skills of ethical reasoning, critical thinking, tolerance and empathy.

Antisemitism Resource Collection

Antisemitism, a prejudice against or hatred of Jews, has persisted over thousands of years. Whether expressed by individuals or groups, antisemitism is a convenient hatred that has been used to target Jews for religious, political and cultural reasons. It is crucial to combat antisemitism with education. Facing History and Ourselves has a wide variety of resources for educators to use to build understanding of where this prejudice comes from and how it can be countered.

Economic Competition

This reading comes from the Facing History and Ourselves resource The Jews of Poland.


A worldwide depression began in the 1920s and continued through much of the 1930s. A depression is a time when economic activity slows; more and more businesses decrease production and lay off workers. In a poor country like Poland, the effects were devastating for everyone, Christian and Jew alike.

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