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Summer Professional Development for Teachers

Explore professional development opportunities for educators, including workshops, webinars, and courses on history, ELA, justice, equity, and more.

Facing History & Ourselves is offering an array of professional development opportunities for teachers and school administrators this summer. Through these transformational learning experiences, you'll get access to innovative teaching strategies; new scholarship around identity, history, and equity; and curricular resources grounded in our unique approach. All will help you start the next school year better prepared to foster an equitable and student-centered learning environment. 

Choose from self-paced or live professional development workshops, webinars, and courses for educators.

In-Person Professional Learning Near You

In addition to these online professional development offerings, we are also excited to offer a variety of in-person workshops and seminars across our seven US Regions as well as our Canada and UK offices. Click the region nearest you below to see what’s happening in your area. 

Boston                                                 Canada
California                                            United Kingdom
New York/New Jersey

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Are You a School or District Leader?

Check out our professional development opportunities tailored to school & district leaders like you. 

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On-Demand Webinars for Educators

Our on-demand webinars cover a wide range of topics including social studies, history, civics, ELA, equity and inclusion, and classroom culture. They feature educational leaders, scholars, and historians from across a spectrum of disciplines and areas of expertise. Many of our webinars qualify for professional development credit.

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Why take professional development with Facing History

Professional development is vital for teachers in our ever-changing world. Continuous learning introduces educators to new pedagogical approaches and helps teachers adapt to teaching trends and standards. Professional development with Facing History also helps educators invite students to consider how they can make a positive impact on the world. 

Empowering students to create a better future begins with equipping educators. Our professional development opportunities provide teachers with the tools to help students delve into identity and human behavior, reflect on the choices they face in their lives today, and contemplate how they can contribute positively to the world. By investing in professional growth, educators can foster more engaging and impactful learning experiences, preparing students to take an active role in shaping a more just and inclusive society.

Who these learning experiences are for

We have summer professional development opportunities for teachers, school leaders, and other types of educators who are passionate about making a difference. Most Facing History professional development offerings are geared toward middle and high school educators. 

Through our learning experiences, you will connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas with dedicated educators who share your commitment to building safe, inclusive classrooms for all students to thrive.

Will I receive continuing education credit?

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion: Awarded upon successful completion of the session they registered for. Number of creditable PD hours varies per offering. It is the educator's responsibility to ensure that they are meeting the CE requirements of their state.

Learn more about how Facing History’s unique approach helps students reach their full potential.

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