Psychologist Jenny Berz on Her Reaction to the Incident in the Ostracism Case Study

Psychologist Jenny Berz comments on the incident documented in Facing History's Ostracism Case Study.

Transcript (Text)

I think what stands out for me the most about this incident was how Sue went from being sort of the most popular girl in the school to the most unpopular and stigmatized person in the grade very, very quickly. I think that probably resonates with me more than anything else because as somebody who grew up and was an adolescent and went through some of these situations, and saw them happening in my own school, there's still a fear—I think there's always a fear that that could happen to you in your life, somehow. And she had no idea it was coming. She didn't expect it, she didn't ask for it, and all of a sudden she was just ostracized and I think there's a real anxiety that that pulls in anyone, especially these other girls. I think that probably, even for kids who weren't involved at all, seeing what happened to her was probably terrifying.

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