Joining the Partisans

Former Jewish partisan Sonia Orbuch recalls the moment she and her family joined a group of Russian partisans.

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And . . . so we just didn't know where to go, we were lost again, and then this peasant [Tichon] came to us and he said, Look, there are rumors that partisans, Russian partisans, [are] in the vicinity, and . . . I don't know whether they are friendly to Jews. They might kill you, but I might talk to them, perhaps they [will] accept you, and we said, Well, we have nothing to lose. We waited a long time, actually, and then came out a commander for political affairs and he started interviewing us. He looked at us: skeletons were sitting there, four skeletons [with] dirty, long hair overgrown, and . . . he started asking questions. He [said], So where are your weapons? We didn't have any weapons. So how many trains did you dynamite? We didn't. So I thought he was not going to take us in, but being that my uncle was a trained scout, they needed a scout to lead them into the vicinity where the partisans were. They were strangers in that part of the country, so they took us in because of my uncle.

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