Jenny Berz on Patty

Jenny Berz discusses Patty’s role in the Bullying: A Case Study in Ostracism scenario.

Transcript (Text)

Patty was, as far as I remember, she was an academically very bright student who wouldn't let her friends know if she got an A because it was cooler to get B's, and it wasn't cool to be smart. She had a very careful way of being with her friends. And I think on some level, she knew that what they were doing was hurtful and wrong, but that the social consequences of standing up against them were going to be really hard. And so I think on many levels, academically and socially, she was really struggling with how to be herself, and yet stay in her social role. And I could tell that in some ways she was disgusted with what was happening and also with herself for not really being able to stand up for what she believed.

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