Jenny Berz on Lorna

Jenny Berz discusses Lorna’s role in the Bullying: A Case Study in Ostracism scenario.

Transcript (Text)

Lorna was a different student. She was not from the local community. And my sense of her was that her family life may have been different from a lot of these girls' family lives. I think she was a lot more connected to her family and to the community that she was from, and so had that as a base and didn't feel the need to be as connected to the school group as some of the other girls did.

She was pretty outspoken about how ridiculous the whole thing was and how horrible the victim must have felt. But I think, on some level, she just wanted to kind of throw up her hands and get back on the bus at the end of the day and go back to the place where she felt like things were more sane.

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