Energized and Inspired: One Teacher on Facing History's Professional Development

Christina Baik, an English teacher at Boston College High, shares the personal and professional impact of our seminars and workshops.

Transcript (Text)

I remember when I started teaching and I was looking for sources, I discovered Facing History online, and I always found it really useful. And so, starting with two summers ago, when I took that seminar on Race and Membership, and this, I've developed this trust and faith in what you guys do. And meeting you guys, and seeing your passion and your skills, as you present this material, is just so inspiring to me.

So to come here—and I really mean it—just to come here is so enriching, and I feel so energized. Not just because of all of the wonderful resources we're given now, and new ideas for how to present the material, but also because I get to be in a room with fellow educators that care about this.

And they have their own ideas and experiences and perspectives to offer. And the fact that we can spend an entire day or two or week, or however long, talking with one another, sharing ideas, and wrestling with it in the way that we want our students to do so, is really cool. So I really love it so far.

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