Dennis Barr's Comments on Rhonda

Dennis Barr comments on Rhonda’s role in the ostracism case scenario.

Transcript (Text)

So what I see Rhonda doing is acting on her loyalty to Jill, but not able to factor in, at the same time, that she has a friendship with Sue, that she's betraying one friend in favor of another. And that it doesn't pose a conflict for her at all. She's not thinking, "I feel mixed feelings." She's thinking, "I feel very clearly that this is exactly what I have to do."

And I find that to be something that if I were—if I were in Rhonda's life, if I were a teacher and I were sitting down with her privately, I would ask her to reflect on her friendship bonds and to think about how complex the situation was for her, more complex than she seems to be able to reflect on.

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