Armenian Genocide Video Series Trailer

This brief film provides an introduction to Facing History's suite of videos exploring the history of the Armenian Genocide.

Transcript (Text)


The loss of [the] Balkan [War] was loss of their heimat—their homeland, their fatherland. And this was really very difficult to digest.

They developed a policy, which I call "demographic policy." And they looked at Anatolia, and made a decision on the ground, or on the question, how we can govern this country?

The war presented the Ottoman triumvirate, this new leadership, with an opportunity to solve a problem.

Deportations of Armenians had already begun in the month of March of 1915. But it's only after April, and in fact, in May, that the plan is put into full motion.

They emptied the entire territory of Armenians. They destroyed Armenian communities, exterminated them.


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