Otto Wolf’s Diary Entries on Historical Moments of the Holocaust

Excerpts from various diary entries of Otto Wolf that refer to several historical moments during the Holocaust.

June 22, 1942

“We rip the stars from our clothes right away.”

November 8, 1942

“The English are advancing and have taken a lot of ground already.”

February 4, 1943

“Today Stalingrad fell; also today, The Czech Legionary unit took part in fighting for the first time.”

February 18, 1943

“The Russians are kicking the German’s butts.”

July 8, 1943

“In Russia, the Russians have launched an offensive.”

January 1, 1944

“There is heavy fighting near Zhitomir and Vitebsk.  The Germans are admitting that they Russians have launched an offensive during the holidays, so we are curious what the Anglo-Americans will do.”

June 9, 1944

“The Anglo-Americans have landed between The Hague and Cherbourg on a 400-kilometers front and are holding on.”

July 7, 1944

“Later, we are told they were American.  One aircraft dropped about eight bombs near Grygov, and the forest caught on fire.”

August 7, 1944

“Around quarter past eleven, we see Americans flying overhead.”

“Before she goes, she says that the radio reported that the Russians are 15 kilometers from Crackow.”

“Things are looking up in France now: The American break through is now 100 kilometers deep.”

August 13, 1944

“Marenka borrowed a newspaper from us.  The situation is great, especially in France.”

September 6, 1944

“The situation could not be better, “Ours” are almost finished with Belgium: they’ve taken Brussels, Antwerp and Sedan.  Down south they captured Lyons.  Finland and Bulgaria have capitulated to the Russians. Simply superb.”

February 13, 1945

“According to the newspapers, the Russians have captured the German city of Lignitz.”

March 21, 1945

“More Russian aircraft overhead.”

March 24, 1945

“More Russians fly overhead.”

April 21, 1945

“The Vlasovites may also be roaming around Trsice all the way to Korabko looking for us.”

May 8, 1945

“Finally, we hear shouts of Hurrah! and Hello! We simply cannot believe that, after three years, it could finally be over for us.”1

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    • 1 Alexandra Zapruder, ed., Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust, 2nd edition (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015).
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