Moshe Flinker's Diary Entry Envisioning the End of World War II, December 2, 1942

Entry from the diary of Moshe Flinker from December 2, 1942, in which he postulates how World War II will end from a religious perspective.

December 2, morning [1942]

The small detail I mentioned above is the following: most of the Jews think that redemption and salvation depend on the victory of England. Now if England wins, most of the Jews (even those who wish to be redeemed) will be able to say that not the Lord but England saved them. The gentiles will say the same. I mention this because I think the gentiles too will learn something from this war. For although I don’t care about them [*] we must nevertheless not forget that they too have lost much in the way of people and property, and the time has come for them to learn something from all the wars they wage, especially from the last two world wars. The victor in this war that we are living through will not be either of the opposing sides, but God: not England and not America, but the Lord of Israel will triumph. I think that before this final victory, Germany will win on almost all front, and when it will seem that she has almost won, the Lord will approach with His sword and will conquer. Obviously my outlook is a religious one. I hope to be excused for this, for had I not religion, I would never find any answer at all to the problems that confront me. [. . .]1


[1] Alexandra Zapruder, ed., Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust, 2nd edition (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015) 103.

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