Eva Ginzová's Diary Entry on the Liberation of Theresienstadt, May 14, 1945

An entry from the diary of Eva Ginzová from May 14, 1945, in which she describes the liberation of the Theresienstadt ghetto and her return to her home in Prague.

May 14, 1945

Yesterday morning (May 3) I arrived back home. Petr wasn’t at home (I was secretly hoping he would be). We’re now expecting him every day, for him to come back or at least to have some news of him.  Mummy looks well, thank God.

The Russians occupied us on May 8, at half past nine at night. I was in my room when I suddenly heard cheering and shouting: “Long live the victorious Red Army!” They went to Prague to help. It’s hard to describe what was happening there — Germans were murdering Czechs, Czechs were murdering Germans. I’m glad I wasn’t here when it happened.— I sleep and eat all day, nothing else.

This is the end of my diary since I only want to have my memories from Terezín in it. But when Petr comes back I’ll write it here.


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