Teaching Strategies

Use our student-centered teaching strategies to strengthen your students’ literacy skills, nurture critical thinking, and create a respectful classroom climate. You can implement these strategies with any academic content.

Teaching Strategy


Help students approach challenging texts by breaking down content into manageable pieces.

Teaching Strategy

Close Reading Protocol

Ensure students’ reading comprehension by emphasizing a purposeful reading and rereading of a text.

Teaching Strategy

Close Viewing Protocol

Teach your students to become critical viewers of film with this four-step procedure.

Teaching Strategy

Color, Symbol, Image

Invite students to nonverbally communicate something they have read or watched, using a color, a symbol, and an image.

Teaching Strategy

Concentric Circles

This kinesthetic discussion activity invites students to be active listeners and speakers and to interact with a wide range of classmates.

Teaching Strategy

Concept Maps: Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate

Students sort, arrange, and connect their thoughts on an idea or question, creating a visual representation of their understanding.

Teaching Strategy

Connect, Extend, Challenge

Deepen students' understanding of a topic by having them connect to their prior knowledge.

Teaching Strategy


Develop a classroom contract to create a community of mutual respect and inclusion.

Teaching Strategy

Create a Headline

This strategy helps students synthesize and articulate the most important takeaways from a variety of resources containing information about a particular topic or theme.

Teaching Strategy

Crop It

Help students interpret an image by “framing” smaller portions of the image and analyzing them.

Teaching Strategy

Dissecting the Prompt

Teach students how to decode an essay prompt with this four-step procedure.

Teaching Strategy

Document Analysis Form

Use a graphic organizer to help students analyze a historical document and determine its perspective or bias.


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