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Support for NYC DOE Implicit Bias Workshops

This collection features resources to further equity and justice in New York City public schools.


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About This Collection

Facing History & Ourselves is proud to partner with the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Equity and Access (OEA) to offer professional development and educational resources to further equity and justice in NYC public schools.

The following resources provide opportunities for educators who have completed the OEA’s Implicit Bias Workshop to explore the history of race, education, and equity.

This collection includes:

  • Resources on identity and implicit bias
  • Resources on race and educational inequity 
  • Resuorces on racism and discrimination in response to crisis

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Inside this Collection

Expand Your Learning from OEA Workshops

These resources help to deepen educators’ understanding of the complexity of identity and how it factors into creating a safe learning environment, as well as to further their knowledge of implicit bias.

In order to understand the contemporary issues of race and educational inequity, these resources explore the historical context connected to the construct of race, the roots of IQ testing, the racialization of academic identity, and the resulting impact on achievement.

The anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has been coupled with a rise in racism, xenophobia, and discrimination in Europe and North America. The following resources can help educators and students understand that the racist reactions to the new coronavirus reflect a long association between disease and “outsiders.”

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