Resistance Is...

By Haim Guri and Monia Avrahami

To smuggle a loaf of bread — was to resist.
To teach in secret — was to resist.
To gather information and distribute an underground newsletter — was to resist.
To cry out warning and shatter illusions — was to resist.
To rescue a Torah scroll — was to resist.
To forge documents — was to resist.
To smuggle people across borders — was to resist.
To chronicle events and conceal the records — was to resist.
To extend a helping hand to those in need — was to resist.
To dare to speak out, at the risk of one's life  — was to resist.  
To stand empty-handed against the killers — was to resist. 
To reach the besieged, smuggling weapons and commands — was to resist.
To take up arms in streets, mountains and forests — was to resist.
To rebel in the death camps — was to resist.
To rise up in the ghettos, amid tumbling walls, 
in the most desperate revolt humanity has ever known...

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