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The News Literacy Project is an innovative national educational program that mobilizes seasoned journalists to work with educators to teach students how to sort fact from fiction.
The partnership between Facing History and Ourselves and the News Literacy Project calls upon Facing History’s unique pedagogy and the News Literacy Project’s deep understanding of the skills today’s students need to be critical consumers of news. This project integrates Facing History’s model, which asks students to make connections between history, current events, and their own lives, with the News Literacy Project’s goal to give students news literacy tools to become information citizens. 
Our work together aims to provide educators with the professional development and resources to help students find reliable information to make decisions, take action, and responsibly create and share news and information in a digital age. 

Explore the News Literacy Project’s resources, services, and professional development opportunities, including its CHECKOLOGY™ e-learning platform.

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