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This routine develops self-awareness and encourages responsible decision-making by asking students to consider recent successes, challenges, and opportunities. Many teachers use this routine for weekly reflection and goal setting.

Face-to-Face Learning

If this is the first time using the routine, start by defining the terms. Explain that the rose is a highlight, success, or small win that students experienced recently. The thorn is a challenge, frustration, or something stressful they experienced. The bud is an opportunity or something they are looking forward to. Distribute the Rose, Thorn, Bud handout and have students take a minute to think back on the past day or week and then respond to the prompts on the handout. Model the activity by sharing your Rose, Thorn, Bud reflection, asking students for advice to help with your thorn, and then have students debrief in pairs or triads. Collect the handouts so you can check in on students’ well-being, offering support and guidance where needed.

Remote Learning

Follow instructions for the face-to-face strategy (above). Distribute the Rose, Thorn, Bud handout or create a three-column Padlet that replicates the handout if you would like to create a communal space for reflection. If using a Padlet, after students have finished writing, invite them to give shout-outs verbally or in the chat, acknowledging the roses and buds in the class and offering suggestions to help peers navigate their thorns. Model by first by asking students to help you with your thorn.

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