UDHR Workshop Day 1 Overview

Listen to the introduction from day one of the UDHR Workshop.


We hope you enjoy this first session of Teaching the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You should have already completed the pre-workshop activities outlined in the Introduction, and if you haven't, please do so at any time. This section will center around the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, providing you with some historical context and allowing you to interact with the primary source. You will start with the following activities:

  1. Watch a brief video about the history of human rights as a concept.
  2. Read the Declaration in its entirety (don't worry—it's only five pages long and contains 30 short articles plus a preamble).
  3. Read a brief introduction to the life of Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States during most of World War II, who is the individual most responsible for getting the Declaration adopted. As you read, think about some of the traits that made Eleanor Roosevelt such a beloved and invaluable figure in twentieth-century history.  
  4. Discuss the Universal Declaration of Human Right's reason for existence: to prevent mankind from annihilating itself, a prospect that seemed plausible for the first time in history at the close of World War II.

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