The Reconstruction Era Links

The links on this page are suggested for teachers who would like to gain additional insight on sensitive topics that are relevant to the Reconstruction era. These links are referenced within The Reconstruction Era and the Fragility of Democracy unit.

Exploring the Controversy: The ‘N’ Word

This PBS Teacher’s Guide from Huck Finn in Context helps teachers to decide the best approach for discussing the “N” word in their classroom. 

Straight Talk About the N-Word 

This article from the Southern Poverty Law Center asks questions at the forefront of educators’ minds when planning how to open a respectful conversation about the “N” word.

In Defense of a Loaded Word

This New York Times article by Ta-Nehisi Coates offers another perspective on the use of the “N” word in American culture today.

Timeline: America’s Long Civil Rights March (ProPublica)

A timeline that takes a long view of the push and pull between Congress and the Supreme Court on the struggle for civil rights.

King’s Dream Remains an Elusive Goal (Pew Research)

This article reviews the Pew Research Center study on racial equality, revealing that many Americans continue to see racial disparities today.

African Americans’ Lives Today (NPR)

An NPR national survey examines the life experiences of African Americans and draws a mixed picture of their personal lives and their communities.

Latinos’ Lives and Health Today (NPR)

An NPR national survey examines the lives and health of Latinos in America.

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