The Reckoning: Understanding the International Criminal Court

Explore judgment, justice, and the International Criminal Court with these resources centered on the documentary film "The Reckoning".

This collection centers around the feature-length documentary film, The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court. Ever since the Nuremberg Trials, individuals around the world have imagined how an international judicial body could be used to prevent genocide, crimes against humanity, and other violations of civil and human rights. In 2002, over 100 nations made this vision a reality with the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

This set of resources includes a self-paced workshop and a viewers' guide that provide valuable background information, teaching ideas and strategies to help lead your class in an engaging exploration of the the film. Also included are three short videos from the film, each one focused on an important dilemma raised by the court related to issues of sovereignty, impunity, and peace. These videos help students confront the complexity of justice in a global context, and make connections to their own lives.

Children trying to learn in a school in the Pagak internationally displaced persons camp in northern Uganda. It was into these schools that the LRA abducted thousands of children to become child soldiers and sex slaves.



Learn how to use the documentary film The Reckoning as a tool for teaching about the International Criminal Court.

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