Teaching Red Scarf Girl

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This 5-hour self-paced online workshop introduces Ji-li Jiang's memoir, Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution, through multimedia resources, readings, and teaching strategies that offer educators an insightful window into the first tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution in China. Exploring the choices made by Jiang, her family, and her peers offers a chance for students to gain awareness of a significant moment in world history and provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their own role as members of families, schools, neighborhoods and nations. In addition, this workshop is designed to provide lesson ideas and support to educators who want to teach about the literary genre of memoir.

This interactive workshop uses resources from the companion study guide Teaching Red Scarf Girl and helps teachers develop a customized teaching plan informed by Facing History’s approach. This workshop is made possible through the generous funding of the Facing History China Project Committee.

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