Bringing LGBTQ Upstanders into Your Classroom: A Conversation with Eric Marcus

The Stonewall Riots and Harvey Milk may have become more widely known in US History, but do your students also know about the Lavender Scare, Edith Eyde, Deborah Johnson, and Zandra Rolon? Too often, important events and people in the LGBTQ civil rights movement are left out of textbooks. What happens when we integrate the missing voices of the LGBTQ community into our classrooms and curriculum?

Watch this webinar to hear from Eric Marcus, host of the award-winning Making Gay History podcast. Making Gay History mines his decades-old audio archive of rare interviews to create intimate, personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to history. We explore the importance of teaching and learning LGBTQ history to create a more inclusive and equitable picture of US History, reflect student identities in the history we teach, and inspire future Upstanders.  

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