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Partner Schools Network

Our Partner Schools infuse Facing History content and pedagogy schoolwide to transform school culture and improve student outcomes.

About the Network

Launched in 2008 with 12 schools, today, the Partner Schools Network includes nearly 150 schools across the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and Great Britain.

Schools in the Partner Schools Network embrace Facing History's core values as foundational to their mission. Participating schools integrate Facing History’s unique approach in classes, advisory groups, faculty meetings, and school community activities.

Teachers, principals, and staff at partner schools commit to ensuring that all students feel known and empowered, and have access to meaningful, academically rigorous, and equitable educational opportunities.

Our Impact

Facing History’s evaluation shows that whole-school implementation of our program leads to increased teacher effectiveness and commitment, improvements in students’ academic and civic learning outcomes, a safer and more respectful classroom environment, and a transformed school culture.

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“Facing History is not an additional thing you do; it's a way you do things. It's a way you approach what's happening.”

Gregory Baldwin

Co-founder and Principal, New Haven Academy

Common Principles of our Partner Schools Network

  • We value the complexities of identity and combat prejudice in our school community.
  • We examine choices of the past and their legacies to inform our choices today.
  • We integrate intellectual rigor, emotional engagement, and ethical reflection.
  • We foster dialogue, empathy, and civic participation.

See the full list of schools in the Partner Schools Network.

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What makes our kids special? It's how reflective, compassionate, and empathetic they are.
— Jose Navarro, Principal, Social Justice Humanitas Academy

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