Facing History Partner Schools Network: What We Do

Facing History and Ourselves works with educators in network schools to develop programs and approaches that strengthen school culture, from advisory programs to community engagement to faculty development. Hear from Partner School Network educators and administrators below. 


Our Schools in Action

Creating a Positive School Culture using the Movie "Bully"

Learn how Facing History helped Capital City Public Charter strengthen school culture and decreased bullying behavior.

Holocaust and Human Behavior in the Classroom

Teachers at Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School use our Holocaust and Human Behavior resource and journey of discovery about oneself and others ("Scope and Sequence") to help students think critically about history and make informed choices.

Lasting Impact: A Generation Later, Students Remember

Larry Myatt’s former Facing History students use the skills they learned twenty-five years ago to inform choices they make today. Learn more about our lasting impact.

Professional Development That Matters

Our curricular materials, myriad resources, and professional development offerings help educators like Jose Navarro teach students think critically about history and make informed choices. See our impact in the classroom.

Adding Quality and Depth to Student Learning

Administrator Shelley Berman says he uses Facing History because "by struggling with difficult questions and issues [students] learn to tolerate ambiguity and consider a variety of viewpoints to come to decisions." See our impact in the classroom.


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