Common Core-Aligned Teaching Units

Facing History offers a wide array of resources and publications that help teachers meet the Common Core State Standards. Our Educator Resources emphasize close reading of challenging texts, critical analysis, and the development of critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills.

Facing History recently published two units designed to closely align with the Common Core.

The Reconstruction Era and The Fragility of Democracy Guide

In the wake of the Civil War, Americans were faced with the challenge of rebuilding a society that had been divided by slavery and the political upheaval of war. The study of this period in American history is essential to the understanding of citizenship and democracy in the United States today.

Discover our new web resource The Reconstruction Era and the Fragility of Democracy

The Reconstruction Era and the Fragility of Democracy

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This resource guides students through a deep exploration of the pivotal era of American history when a nation divided by slavery and war was challenged to rebuild.

Teaching Mockingbird Guide

To Kill a Mockingbird is a story of justice, judgment, and morality, as well as family, gender, and race. It is a story that prompts us to reflect on our own moral compass and our place in the community where we live. Through classroom activities and resources, handouts, image galleries, and videos, Facing History's Teaching Mockingbird website brings a fresh eye to the characters, the setting, and the themes that make this novel so enduring.

Teaching Mockingbird

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Use this resource to transform how you teach Harper Lee’s novel by integrating historical context, documents, and sources that reflect the African American voices absent from Mockingbird's narration.

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