Common Core-Aligned Teaching Strategies

Facing History integrates strategies that promote Common Core principles throughout our resources and professional development. The Teaching Strategies listed here guide teachers step-by-step as they cultivate close reading and close viewing skills. You can apply the strategies to any content that you are teaching. 

Argumentative Writing Strategies

The Argumentative Writing Strategies document is designed to support you as you implement a formal argumentative writing task in your classroom. It provides specific classroom strategies for crafting a thesis, organizing ideas, developing reasoned body paragraphs, revising and editing.

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Teaching Strategies to improve Writing Skills

Teaching Strategy

Close Reading Protocol

Ensure students’ reading comprehension by emphasizing a purposeful reading and rereading of a text.

Teaching Strategy

Close Viewing Protocol

Teach your students to become critical viewers of film with this four-step procedure.

Teaching Strategy

Socratic Seminar

Have students facilitate a discussion in order to work together toward a shared understanding of a text.

Additional Support for Argumentative Writing

Common Core - Notes on argumentative writing

Helping students express themselves has always been central to Facing History’s mission. The articles and links below provide you additional support as you prepare to teach argumentative writing.

Teaching Writing Is Teaching Thinking” article includes information about the patterns of thinking that historians use when analyzing content and crafting written arguments.

Argumentative Writing: Research and Directions in Learning and Teaching,” provides background on current trends around teaching argumentative writing in history.

Finally, we have created Common Core Writing Supplements for several of our core works. These supplementary guides include writing prompts that can be used as performance tasks to complete the unit, detailed strategies for evidence gathering during the unit, and teaching strategies for crafting the argumentative essay.

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