Aligning to Common Core with Teacher-Created Units

During the 2013–2014 school year, Facing History worked with lead teachers around the country to develop Facing History units that combined our content and pedagogy with performance tasks created using the Literacy Design Collaborative’s online instructional design system. Dive in to the three units to see how our content can be organized and delivered to meet Common Core standards.

The Literacy Design Collaborative is a national community of educators providing a teacher-designed and research-proven framework, online tools, and resources for creating literacy-rich assignments and courses across content areas. We encourage you to explore LDC’s website, collection of exemplary modules and mini-tasks, and LDC CoreTools system.

Meet the Teachers and Get Their Units

Rory Is Upping the Ante with a Performance Task

Rory M. from a Chicago IB school created a 6-week unit focused on immigration and identity. The performance task asked students to address the question: How should societies integrate newcomers? How do newcomers develop a sense of belonging to the places where they have arrived?

“What I was most excited about was that they worked so hard.”

Explore Rory’s unit, performance task, and content resources.

Katherine Is Integrating Solid Documentation and Thoughtful Analysis

Katherine G. from San Francisco wrote this 5-week unit for a 10th-grade English class, using the lens of the Holocaust to explore human relationships and the impact of individual and collective choices. The performance task asked students to write an essay arguing one or two of the most important decisions that shaped the history of the Holocaust.

“The LDC model paired with Facing History material allowed me to revise a curricular unit with more pedagogical variety while exploring rich primary and secondary sources."

Explore Katherine’s unit, performance task, and content resources.

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