Our Approach to Civic Education

Facing History's approach builds an ethical and engaged civic identity in young people. We integrate civic education with social-emotional learning, academic rigor, and attention to equity.

Facing History’s work supports an essential goal of American public education: preparing students for life in a democracy. Facing History believes civic education must:

  1. Begin in learner-centered classrooms that value students’ identities. 
  2. Confront bias and develop a sense of the common good. 
  3. Engage with the complexities of history. 
  4. Introduce current events and controversial issues. 
  5. Nurture students’ capacity for both reflection and action. 

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Develop Students' Civic Agency with Our Resource, From Reflection to Action

From Reflection to Action: A Choosing to Participate Toolkit provides a flexible model of reflection and action that can range from one class period at the end of a Facing History unit to a semester-long elective or independent civic action project.


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A Proven Approach

Facing History significantly increases:

  • students’ tolerance for others with different political views
  • their capacity for civil discourse
  • their belief that they can make a difference

Facing History students score higher than peers on a civic responsibility index. Facing History alumni are more civically involved than peers: more likely to vote, to participate in a civic or community group, and to discuss current events.

Regional Civics Initiatives

See how Facing History’s resources meet the newly revised MA History and Social Science Framework.

Learn about our partnership with the Chicago Public Schools.

Learn how Facing History's resources meet the California History–Social Science Framework.

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Facing History is proud to collaborate with these partners to advance civic learning:

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