Facing History and WNYC Team Up to Produce Teen Journalists

Producing Teen Journalists

NEW YORK CITY – At the heart of many Facing History and Ourselves lessons is one thing: an individual story.

Making Breakthroughs: Using Spoken Word Poetry to Teach History

“Spoken word developed as a platform for social commentary, social justice issues, and advocacy – giving people a voice to be heard in a forum where words rule,” says Jasmine Wong, a Facing History program associate in Toronto. “Like any art, spoken word has the power to move us, to stretch our ideas, and to create change.”

What's Your Story?: Facing History Students Give Voice to Immigration Experience in Documentary Films

Students, though they often study immigration in school, rarely get the opportunity to share their own stories of immigration – or to do so on film.

So a Facing History and Ourselves teacher and a filmmaker set out to change that.

Meeting the Common Core with Facing History in a Literature Classroom

Hear a Facing History teacher's experience using our resources and textbooks to improve the way he taught about identity in his classroom.

Facing History Online Courses Start Teacher in Malaysia on a Journey of Growth

For educators in international schools, like Humanities teacher Ann Whiting, online courses provide an opportunity to discover new publications, teaching methods, and other educators. Read her story.

From War-Torn Afghanistan to Facing History

Four years ago, Mohammed S. came to Cambridge, Massachusetts, from war-torn Afghanistan. Sayed studied the Holocaust and other instances of mass violence in his Facing History class. Through a project for that class called “Justice Makers,” Sayed studied the paths others paved along the road to non-violence and learned invaluable lessons about moral courage, identity, and building peaceful communities. Here, in his own words, is his story.

Facing History Internship Fosters Lifelong Passion for Raising Global Awareness

It was sheer fate that landed college junior Welling Savo Justin – a girl from Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle, Washington – in Facing History and Ourselves’ Brookline headquarters during the summer of 1998.

Making History: Students in Mexico Open Mobile Holocaust Museum

Students and teachers at the Prepa Ibero School in Mexico City, put the finishing touches on a mobile Holocaust museum. 

Facing the Past: Facing History and Ourselves in South Africa

Following the end of apartheid, South Africa’s National Department of Education introduced new curriculum to create well-educated, active citizens. Facing History and Ourselves was brought in to help support educators implement this new curriculum.


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