Assigning Roles for Group Work

Make your students’ group work more effective by giving each member a specific role to play.


Use this discussion strategy to help students practice being contributors and listeners in a group conversation.

Found Poems

Students compose poems using only words, phrases, or quotations from a text that they find meaningful.

Wraparound (Whiparound)

Encourage all students to share their quick reactions to a question, topic, or text.

Anticipation Guides

Get students thinking about the ideas and themes that they’ll encounter in a unit or a text.


Develop a classroom contract to create a community of mutual respect and inclusion.

Analyzing Images

Lead students in a critical analysis of an image that enhances their observational, interpretive, and critical thinking skills.

Word Wall

Support students’ tracking of new or important vocabulary by displaying these words in a shared space in the classroom.

Introducing a New Book

Spark students’ interest in a book before reading it by having them make predictions and ask questions about its contents.

Jigsaw: Developing Community and Disseminating Knowledge

Students become “experts” on a topic and then share their new knowledge with peers.


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