God on Trial


In this drama set in a concentration camp, a group of new inmates unsure of their appointed fates begins asking how God could allow for so much suffering.

Ghosts of Rwanda


This documentary marks the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, exploring the failures that enabled the slaughter of 800,000 people to occur unchallenged by the global community.



Through footage and interviews with SS officers and Jewish survivors, this documentary outlines the history of the Nazi persecution of the Jews, showing events leading to the “Final Solution.”



Could you forgive the people who slaughtered your family? After the genocide of 1994, the Rwandan government held hearings with citizen-judges meant to try their neighbors and rebuild the nation.

From Swastika to Jim Crow


Expelled from their homeland by the Nazis, many German-Jewish scholars came to the US and found new lives and careers at all-Black colleges and universities in the then-segregated South.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians


This collection tells the epic story of the rise of Christianity. Through interviews with twelve scholars, the series explores the lives of Jesus and the early Christians.


Class set

Two boys and their families, one Jewish and the other of non-Jewish heritage, live and grow together during Hitler’s rise to power and reign.

Freedom on My Mind

Streaming Video

This film tells the complex and compelling history of the Mississippi voter registration struggles of 1961-1964: the interracial nature of the campaign, the tensions and conflicts, the fears and hopes.

Four Little Girls


This film examines the climate of segregation and state-sanctioned violence that led to the racially motivated Birmingham church bombing in 1963, which resulted in the death of four young girls.

Forsaken Cries: The Story of Rwanda


In 1994, close to one million people were killed in a planned and systematic genocide in Rwanda, the largest systematic murder of a single race since the Holocaust.


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