Sometimes in April


This drama focuses on the Rwandan Genocide through the story of two Hutu brothers whose relationship and private lives were forever changed in the midst of the conflict.

So Many Miracles


This is the story of the Rubinek family’s survival of the Holocaust and their reunion with the Polish couple who hid them for two years, saving their lives.

Slavery and the Making of America


This four-part series documents the history of American slavery from its beginnings in the British colonies to its end in the southern states, and the years of post-Civil War Reconstruction.

Skokie: Rights or Wrong?


In 1978, the American Nazi Party attempted to march in Skokie, Illinois, a community of many Holocaust survivors. This film examines what happens when two strongly held values collide.



This feature film dramatizes the controversial trial concerning the right for Neo-Nazis to march in the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois in 1978.



This film is a powerful piece made up entirely of present-day interviews with survivors, former Nazis, resistance leaders, and bystanders of the Holocaust.

Shake Hands With the Devil


This is the story of Lt. General Romeo Dallaire’s frustrated efforts to stop the madness of the Rwandan Genocide, despite the complete indifference of his superiors.

Secret Courage: The Walter Suskind Story


This is the story of Walter Suskind, a German Jew, who orchestrated the escape of close to 1,000 Dutch children marked for transport to death camps.

Scout's Honor


A 13-year-old boy launches a campaign to overturn the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gays.

School: The Story of American Public Education

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Born out of centuries of conflict and experimentation, America's public school system is one of the nation's most significant--but still evolving--achievements.


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