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This discussion board is where we will first introduce ourselves and share relevant information to our whole group.  It is a place to meet other participants and ask any general questions about the workshop that you think might apply to others.

Identity Charts:  Share a picture of your identity chart!

Bullying: A Case Study in Ostracism

  • What is the role of young people and adults in preventing and responding to incidents of bullying and ostracism?
  • How can young people and adults make better choices to help create and sustain schools that are safe for everyone?

This website explores issues of bullying and ostracism by looking at a particular incident that occured at a middle school, primarily involving a group of girls. What started as a small event quickly turned into a serious situation.


Between Pluralism and Polarization: How Religion Both Divides and Unites

In a recent landmark new study called American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us,[1]sociologist Robert Putnam – famous for his description of the breakdown of American community in Bowling Alone – and political scientist David Campbell have made a remarkable contribution to our understanding of the ways in which religion shapes our American cultural landscape.

José Casanova: What Is Secularism?

As we explore the history of religious freedom and democracy, we often use the term “secular” (in contrast to “religious”). However, the concept is complicated enough that people use the word with different, and sometimes contradictory, meanings.  In the video below, Professor José Casanova of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University provides a basic introduction to these key related terms:

What is "secularism"? And what is the process called "secularization"?


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