Red Scarf Girl (DVD)

Ji-Li Jiang's memoir Red Scarf Girl is a child's-eye view of China's Cultural Revolution, when intelligence became a crime and a wealthy family background invited persecution or worse. In this video presentation, Ji-Li uses photos, film footage, interviews with her parents, and personal narrative to bring to life a young girl's deeply personal story of survival during one of the most terrifying eras of the twentieth century. Length: 38 minutes.

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Preserving Social Justice in a Fragile World: NYU Dean of Education on the Role of Facing History

Dean BrabeckFrom her office overlooking New York City’s bustling Washington Square Park, Mary Brabeck, dean of New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, is explaining her philosophy on social justice.

Facing History in Canada: An Interview with Toronto Director Leora Schaefer

Leora Schaefer, director of Facing History's Toronto Office

Facing History: Leora, what does Facing History look like for students in Toronto, and in other places in Canada where the Facing History curriculum is taught?

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Joins Facing History Audiences in Conversation on Great Migration

The Warmth of Other Suns“From the early years of the 20th century to well past its middle age, nearly every black family in the American south, which meant nearly every black family in America, had a decision to make.” – Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns

Isabel Wilkerson knew she had the idea for a book on her hands.

Outcasts United: Award-Winning Soccer Coach Bridges Diversity, Builds Community

Luma Mufleh

To truly know what it means to be an outsider, sometimes you need to be an insider.

This was the case, anyway, for Luma Mufleh, a native of Jordan who came to the United States for college and never moved back home. After graduating with a degree in anthropology from Smith College in 1997, Mufleh made her way down south, moving first to North Carolina.

We Change Lives, He Measures How: Facing History’s Dennis Barr

Facing History TeacherIt’s one thing to believe in the mission of the organization you work for. It’s quite another to actually crunch the data that measures the impact that organization has on a daily basis.

Rooted in History, Reaching for the Future: Leaders Margot Strom, Marc Skvirsky on a Year's Challenges

Margot & Marc SkivirskyIt is truly astounding the amount of work that the Facing History and Ourselves staff – over 150 of them in 10 offices across the globe – manage to fit into 12 productive, interesting, dedicated months each year.

Holocaust Survivor Netty Vanderpol Finds Voice with Art

Artist and Holocaust survivor Netty Vanderpol with three of her pieces at the opening reception for Every Stitch a Memory at Facing History in Brookline in October.

Needham, Mass. – In some ways, Netty Vanderpol is only just beginning to find her voice.

Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation: Ten Short Films

These ten short documentary films, based on interviews with partisan survivors and incorporating archival photos and footage, portray the courage and endurance of Jews who fought to save not only their lives but also their culture and values. Length: 87 minutes.

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