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1913 Revision of the Ohio General Code, Section 11181

The full text of a law prohibiting marriage between two persons of different races in 1913. This text is part of the resource Resistance to Anti-Miscegenation Laws .

Schutz Pass

Schutz-Pass issued to Irene Hirsch Vilscek (whose photo is missing from the document) and her daughter, Erika Vilscek (photo). Signed by Ivan Danielsson,Swedish Ambassador in Budapest, under the direction of Raoul Wallenberg, August 24, 1944.

Wallenberg: Missing Hero

This belongs to the resource Rescuers of the Holocaust: Taking a Stand. Share information with your students on Raoul Wallenberg and his role as a rescuer.

On "Self Portrait"

Bak's "Self Portrait" is a portrait of the artist as a young boy, though the experiences he has gone through have hastened his journey toward maturity. Among the many crimes the Germans committed against the Jewish future was the murder of more than a million helpless children. This painting is a vivid reminder of the dilemma that is a vexing if paradoxical birthright of that crime: no one's survival can be detached from the loss of someone else.

On Interruption

In "Self-Portrait" Samuel Bak was concerned with multiple versions of the self. That painting presents us with the idea that the boy-artist shares his destiny with countless other children who did not survive the war. The boy from the Warsaw Ghetto appears as a kind of alter ego to Bak, and the two occupy adjacent spaces on the canvas. Whatever vision the young artist may develop in the future, it will have to include the fate of those who were less lucky than he. This is a somber but a manageable idea, since it leaves to the imagination the details of what that fate may have been.


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