10 Questions for Young Changemakers

This unit uses the 10 Questions Framework to explore two examples of youth activism: the 1963 Chicago schools boycott and the present-day movement against gun violence launched by Parkland students.

Teaching the Nanjing Atrocities

Lead students through a study of the Nanjing atrocities, beginning with an examination of imperialism in East Asia and ending with reflection on justice in the aftermath of mass violence.

Standing Up for Democracy

Designed for students in the United Kingdom, these lessons foster the critical thinking, mutual respect, and toleration necessary to bring about a more humane society.

Choices in Little Rock

This resource investigates the choices made by the Little Rock Nine and others in the Little Rock community during the civil rights movement who made efforts to desegregate Central High School in 1957.

Literature Circles

The lessons within this unit support students and teachers to carry out meaningful Literature Circles, student-directed small group discussions, on a given text.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This unit leads students through a deep exploration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, from the history of its creation to its legacy in today’s global community.

American Idealist

This unit, designed to accompany the film American Idealist, explores idealism, public service, and public policy through the career of American statesman and activist Sargent Shriver.

Totally Unofficial: Raphael Lemkin and the Genocide Convention: A Series of Three Lessons

This unit invites students to learn about Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish lawyer who coined the word "genocide" and devoted his life's work to preventing its occurrence.

Interpreting the Works of Samuel Bak

In this unit students experience how art can serve as a tool to understanding history by analyzing paintings by renowned artist and Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak.

Identity & Community: An Introduction to 6th Grade Social Studies

Intentionally designed for middle school classrooms, this unit explores themes of identity and community by using students' knowledge of the Memphis, Tennessee, community.


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