Facing History and Ourselves and Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation Announce New Multi-Year Partnership


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The Partnership Will Involve the Creation of a Free Web-Based Multimedia Resource And Professional Development for Educators 

BOSTON, Massachusetts (June 1, 2016) -- The nonprofit organizations Facing History and Ourselves and Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF) announced today a multi-year partnership that will integrate JPEF’s educational materials into Facing History’s Holocaust and Human Behavior educator resources and professional development. The collaboration is aimed at engaging teachers and students across the globe in an exploration of resistance through the narratives of Jewish partisans.

Too often, students of the Holocaust are left with the impression that Jews were helpless victims, lacking the courage or means to fight back. These new educational resources will counter that portrayal by bringing to life the powerful testimonies of men and women who actively fought in armed resistance groups resistance groups across 10 European countries. 

The first phase of the partnership is the release of a new free web-based multimedia resource, including testimonies of Jewish partisans, archival photographs, and short films produced by JPEF. The second phase will involve the creation of educator professional development opportunities on the materials, including a multi-day interactive online workshop, seminars and a webinar, set to begin in the summer of 2016.

Lessons and activities will focus on important themes such as the relationship between dignity and resistance, resiliency, the role of choice, and encourage the development of students’ critical analysis and interpersonal communication skills. Professional development will offer educators individualized implementation support to help them integrate resistance and Jewish partisans into their students’ study of the Holocaust. 

“JPEF has admired Facing History’s pedagogy and the innovative ways the organization works with educators for years. We are excited about bringing JPEF’s groundbreaking materials to Facing History’s network of almost 100,000 educators, ” says JPEF’s Founder Mitch Braff.

“Integrating the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation’s expansive collection of partisan materials into Facing History’s thematic framework for the study of the Holocaust will deeply complement our existing resources,” said Brooke Harvey, Director of Content at Facing History. “We hope to provide depth and meaning to the study of the Jewish resistance during the Holocaust with this resource, and ensure that these important testimonies are preserved and accessible for generations to come.”

Teaching about the Jewish partisans breaks stereotypes of Jewish passivity and gives a more  complete understanding of how Jews acted under German occupation and the many ways Jews actively resisted and fought back against Nazi atrocities. 

Media contacts who are interested in interviewing a Jewish partisan or descendent should contact Braff at 415-563-2244 or email him at [email protected].

About Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation
The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF) is the world’s leading resource for educators and the general public on the approximately 30,000 Jews who fought against the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust. Using comprehensive multimedia curricula and an on-line learning platform, including short films, based on over 50 interviews of Jewish partisans, focusing on their history and life lessons, JPEF brings the celebration of this heroic resistance against tyranny into educational and cultural organizations worldwide. Visit jewishpartisans.org for more information.

About Facing History and Ourselves
Facing History and Ourselves was founded in 1976 by educators who believed that instilling intellectual vigor and curiosity goes hand-in-hand with teaching facts and figures. From the disturbing lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides to struggles for civil rights from Birmingham to South Africa, we trust students to wrestle with complex moments in human history, and work to help them understand the range of human behavior. These students learn to connect the dots between the ethical choices they’ll face in life and the positive outcomes they can create in their community and the world. Visit facinghistory.org for more information.


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