“Upstander” Added to Oxford Dictionaries

More than a year after the New Jersey State Legislature passed a resolution that urged Merriam-Webster, Inc. and the Oxford University Press to add the word “upstander” to their dictionaries, Oxford Dictionaries will officially add the word to this year’s dictionary. 

Facing History alumna Sarah Decker and Monica Mahal began their petition in their Watchung Hills Regional High School Facing History class back in more than three years ago. 

NJ State Senator Tom Kean Jr., who helped the students raise awareness, posted: "I was so inspired by the anti-bullying initiatives at Watchung Hills Regional High School that I sponsored a bill urging Oxford to take action. Very proud of the local students who never gave up this fight. Hard work pays off!"

Coined by diplomat Samantha Power and popularized by Facing History and Ourselves, an “upstander” is a person who has chosen to make a difference in the world by speaking out against injustice and creating positive change.

You can read more about the campaign in the Wall Street Journal (please note, WSJ requires a login).

Read the full story on TapIntoWarren, "Oxford Taps Warren's WHRHS, Will Add "Upstander" to Dictionary."

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