Staff Work with Whole Schools in Memphis' Midtown and Frayser Neighborhoods

Facing History in Memphis recently launched the Memphis Neighborhood Schools Network, which will engage 11 schools from Midtown and Frayser in a deep dive info Facing History and Ourselves with the goal of improving an entire school’s culture.

Bobby White, executive director of MLK Prep and founder and CEO of Frayser Community Schools told the Daily News, “The school for a number of years has been ostracized for the negativity that was prevalent there,” he said. “...I felt like Facing History was the language we were missing."

Under the expanded program, every teacher and staff member at the schools will be trained in Facing History.

Read "Local Teachers Receive Training in ‘Culturally Responsive’ Teaching" in the Daily News.  


Monday, September 19, 2016 - 7:00am

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