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Supporting Teachers to Address Racist and Dehumanising Language in Literature

Support your students in addressing racist and dehumanising language in literature safely, so that they can understand the challenging nature of such terms without needing to be in fear of them.

April 25, 2023 | 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm BST


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About this event:

Single Session

Our single professional learning sessions are designed to easily fit into your day. Typically one hour or less, these sessions explore timely and relevant topics including teaching strategies, current events, and more.


This professional learning event will be led by Facing History staff. When you register, you will receive instructions for how to attend the event.

English & Language Arts
Culture & Identity Global Migration & Immigration Human & Civil Rights Racism

Key Points

  1. This event is aimed at teachers in the UK.

Teaching a text that includes racist slurs, derogatory words, and/or anachronistic language can elicit fear and anxiety in educators. As educators, we know that unless we prepare to address language with intention and care, we risk causing harm and creating inhospitable classroom environments where students may feel like they don’t belong and where they cannot learn. Moreover, some racist and dehumanising terms, such as the ‘N’ word, have the power to destabilise a classroom environment if they are encountered without adequate preparation or groundwork.

Join us for this one-hour teacher conversation in which we explore activities to use when your students are engaging with a text that contains racist and dehumanising language. The activities enable students to explore the complexities of such language, think critically about its impact, and understand how such language will be approached in class when it is encountered (we advise against speaking any racist and dehumanising terms out loud). 

Activities and resources from the session will be provided and there will be the opportunity to share experiences with and learn from other teachers. 

Details for joining the Zoom meeting will be shared by email prior to the event.

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