Investigation Three: What Do We Learn from the News? How Reporters' Choices Shape our Understanding of the World

The readings in this investigation have been selected to deepen our understanding of the ideas presented in chapters 13 through 17 (1:01:40–1:19:38) of the documentary Reporter (approximately 20 minutes). In this clip, Nicholas Kristof, Will Okun, and Leana Wen travel to the headquarters of General Laurent Nkunda, leader of a rebel militia fighting against the Congolese government and known for perpetrating war crimes. Kristof interviews Nkunda about his role in the civil war and is then granted the opportunity to interview child soldiers captured by Nkunda’s army.

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Readings and Connections

Reading 5: "Dinner with a Warlord"

Reading 6: "Killing in the Name of God"

Reading 7: "Fear"

Reading 8: "3-Way Battles Again Jolt Eastern Congo"

Reading 9: Images of Congo

Connections for Investigation Three

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