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Corporate Partner Spotlight: LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions supports the expansive educational opportunities that Facing History offers through our Teaching for Equity & Justice workshops.

Facing History Corporate Sponsor

LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a premier global data and analytics company that includes seven brands spanning multiple industries, began their partnership with Facing History more than two years ago with a multi-year grant to support our Teaching for Equity & Justice program. Launched in 2020, this four-part learning series helps adults explore unconscious bias and work to mitigate the impact of historical racism on educational practices and policies.

Support from LexisNexis Risk Solutions and others who recognize the value of this work has helped us expand the program to reach more than 3,000 educators, including sessions designed for individual teachers, school teams, and specifically for principals and other school leaders. Funding has also helped us develop new tools for teachers, school leaders, and entire faculties to implement and assess whole-school adoption of equitable school policies and teaching practices.

“We believe, as Facing HIstory does, that equity cannot be achieved without first focusing on the adult leaders responsible for creating equitable environments,” said Jo Portlock, VP Diversity & Inclusion and Early Career for LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “We know that leaders best understand the need for equity and inclusion when they reflect on their own sense of belonging, and learn about the roots of inequities and, in this case, how they can be addressed in the classroom.”

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