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Building Our Community

Learn more about how Facing History engages its staff in community building.

Recently, the staff at Facing History had a very special opportunity to come together in-person in Boston, USA. This brought together the US, UK, and Canadian organisations to reconnect, build stronger relationships, and ground ourselves in the Facing History approach to societal transformation.

Facing History UK Staff

Dr Desmond K. Blackburn, Facing History USA’s new President and CEO

Listening to student speakers

Not only was it the first time most of the UK staff met their US and Canadian colleagues, but it was also our introduction to Dr Desmond K. Blackburn, Facing History USA's new President and CEO. In addition to different learning sessions, we heard from inspirational speakers including students, teachers, and survivors.

Facing History elevated my teaching, and it gave me tools and content that allowed me to provide my students with a critical lens
— Dr Angela Hedley-Mitchell

We are Facing History: Creating a More Inclusive Society

Please join us for a special introduction to our work and the impact it is having on students in classrooms around the UK. Throughout the evening you will hear from teachers and students about how Facing History prepares young people to stand up for a more inclusive society, as well as experiencing for yourself the power of a Facing History classroom. This event will be hosted in person.

The real impact of Facing History's work is best heard from those with first-hand experience. It was truly moving to hear from the Staff Summit speakers about their experiences. Showing why Facing History needs to continue to rise to the challenge of overcoming bigotry and hate.

On 13 July we hold our Annual Supporter Event; an immersive classroom experience. Join us and take part in a learning session with a Facing History teacher and their students to gain an in-depth understanding of our work. 

The 2023 Staff Summit was made possible by a generous gift from one of Facing History USA’s most passionate supporters, Maja Kristin. Maja is a donor who recognises the importance of investing in staff and believes that face-to-face community-building is the best way to ignite a shared sense of purpose.

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