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School & District Programs

Facing History & Ourselves is more than simply a classroom experience. Find a package and partnership model that works for your school or district.

Our work unites equity, social-emotional learning, and civic education to transform schools.

Adopting a Facing History Program

  1. Cultivates student outcomes in critical thinking, literacy, and social emotional learning

  2. Increases student engagement 

  3. Improves teacher confidence and effectiveness

  4. Integrates equity education with civic and social and emotional learning

  5. Strengthens civics and humanities education for college preparedness

Schools are the foundation of just and democratic societies. In addition to fostering academic achievement and preparing young people to be career or college ready, schools play a critical role in developing the next generation of civic actors.

Without strong support, these ideals must be juggled alongside multiple mandates and initiatives, on top of the daily challenges of running a school or classroom. Innovation and change can feel like daunting tasks, but with the right tools and people in your corner, it’s not just possible, it’s invigorating.

There are many ways to bring Facing History to your students. All packages and partnership models can include one or more of the following: 

  • High-quality instructional materials and tools for ELA and social studies teachers
  • Professional learning and coaching
  • Leadership development and consulting
  • Support for continuous improvement

School & District Partnerships and Packages

Our school and district curriculum adoption packages combine classroom materials with our content-based professional learning focused on Facing History’s pedagogy and core case studies (available in-person, online, or blended). Our professional learning is designed to build student engagement, literacy, and historical thinking skills.

Schools Where We Belong 

Our schoolwide program, backed by decades of evidence, integrates student-centered teaching practices that embed these ideas throughout school culture and curriculum.

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Partner School Network

Partner Schools Network includes over 100 schools and reaches over 40,000 students. As part of this network, schools embrace Facing History's core themes as foundational to their schools' mission and weave Facing History content and teaching strategies throughout the school: in classes, advisory groups, faculty meetings, and school community activities.

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