Auschwitz photos taken of imprisoned children

Holocaust and Human Behavior

Holocaust and Human Behavior is a program for middle and high school that engages students and teachers in a study of the Holocaust through the lens of human behavior. Students make the essential connection between history, themselves and the world they are living in today.

Holocaust and Human Behavior is Facing History’s seminal work used by millions of students worldwide. Originally published over 40 years ago, it was updated in 2016 to reflect the latest scholarship on the Holocaust.

Holocaust and Human Behavior helps students and teachers make the essential connection between history and themselves. By using the readings, primary sources, short documentaries, and supported by professional learning, teachers take students on a journey through profound questions about history and human behavior.

This self-paced workshop is for educators who want a brief introduction to Holocaust and Human Behavior and don’t want to wait for a live workshop or seminar

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