Holocaust and Human Behavior: New Edition Available Now

Facing History and Ourselves launched a major revision of our seminal case study, Holocaust and Human Behavior, in the fall of 2016 as we marked our 40th anniversary. The new edition offers full digital access for educators to a vast array of new scholarship, primary source material, and a wealth of images, videos, and audio never before compiled in a single resource.

Why it is time for a new edition?

  • In today’s world, questions of how best to build and maintain democratic societies that are pluralistic, open, and resilient to violence are more relevant than ever. Studying the Holocaust allows students to wrestle with profound moral questions raised by this history and fosters their skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, empathy, and civic engagement: all of which are critical for sustaining democracy.
  • Holocaust scholarship, along with the fields of human behavior—including neuroscience and the psychology of bias and prejudice—have changed dramatically since the last revision of this work 20 years ago. We have worked with leading scholars and esteemed institutions in the U.S. and across Europe to ensure that our content reflects the latest research and thinking.
  • Adapting to the landscape of continually evolving education technology and digital publishing, this digital version of the new edition is comprised of modular content, and a new playlist tool that will allow you to build your own lessons, dramatically improving the ease with which you can interact with and implement Facing History’s content and pedagogy.

What will the new edition offer?

The revision will be available in several formats: print, PDF, e-book, and, most significantly, as a digital resource built seamlessly into facinghistory.org. New digital tools and easy access to multimedia resources will include:

  • New and updated historical content. Color images and maps, visual essays, student activities, chapters and readings paired with video, and more.
  • More than 20 video testimonies from survivors, rescuers, and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides, which can stand alone as lessons or enhance a fuller teaching of the resource.
  • More than 65 Facing History original mini-documentary videos, providing historical and thematic explorations of a range of topics that support implementation of the resource.

The release of the new edition of Holocaust and Human Behavior and its accompanying products will occur in phases. The digital resource and playlist tool are available now, with new lessons and material to support implementation. The print, PDF, and e-book versions following in early 2017. Online multimedia workshops and seminars will also be available.

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