"Richard and Susan have been staunch supporters and friends of Facing History for almost 40 years. Their foresight in funding the revision means that we will embrace twenty-first-century, cutting-edge educational technology and the newest teaching strategies that better engage students. This project increases our effectiveness and expands our virtual reach to educators in almost every country of the globe."

– Roger Brooks, President and Chief Executive Officer

Facing History's teachers and students have benefited enormously from the leadership of Richard and Susan Smith and the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation. The family's visionary grant for the revision and publication of the 2017 edition of Holocaust and Human Behavior was a major five-year investment in the organization's future.

The Facing History community appreciates the guidance and wisdom the family continues to provide. The community acknowledges, with great sadness, the recent passing of Susan Smith. Her passion for and commitment to Facing History's impact on young people remains without parallel.

About the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation

The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation is committed to effecting permanent, positive change in the lives of the residents of Greater Boston, particularly individuals and families in economically disadvantaged communities. Today, three generations of the Smith family oversee the foundation, stewarding approximately $15 million annually in grants aimed at promoting greater health, educational attainment, and economic mobility.

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