Benefit Events

Not your standard fundraiser.
We learn and get inspired while we raise the funds to reach more students. 

There’s a seat at the table for you!

Come join us and other educators, students, upstanders and change-makers for a night of inspiration and learning at one of our regional annual Benefit events. With your help, we can raise critical funds that help combat racism, antisemitism, and prejudice while nurturing democracy through education.

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time. Browse our Events Calendar for a full list of upcoming professional development and community events.


Highlights from Facing History Benefit Events

Senator Cory Booker: "We Should Move Beyond Tolerance."

Accepting the Facing History and Ourselves Upstander Award at the San Francisco Bay Area Benefit Dinner, U.S. Senator Cory Booker challenges us to move beyond tolerance.

Wes Moore Honors Upstanders at the 21st Annual New York Benefit Dinner

Wes Moore was the keynote speaker and second recipient of the annual Upstander Award at the 2014 New York Benefit Dinner.

Brendan Ward: A Student Leader Using His Voice for Others

Brendan Ward is a senior at KIPP Memphis Collegiate High School and a member of the Facing History student leadership group. Addressing hundreds at the 2014 Memphis Benefit Dinner, Ward talks about how he learned from others in the group.

Rory Muchow's Facing History Classroom

Teacher Rory Muchow encourages students to ask questions and explore choices that both connect and divide us all in her Facing History classroom.

Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette - The Toothbrush Song

Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette tells of his time singing in protest while in the Parchman State Prison Farm during the Freedom Rides.



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