Video Collection: Documentaries, Short Films, and Series

This set of powerful documentaries, films, and television series brings together video works that we’ve found to be great companions to some of our most popular books, readings, and themes.

How to Use

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Making It Easier for You to Use Videos That Pair with Our Curriculum

Most of the videos on our website were produced by Facing History.  But as an additional offering for teachers, we’ve also added this set of videos from a wide range of other respected creators.

These are selections our staff and teachers find make great resources for classroom teaching.

Some may pair with an often-used reading, like The Hangman, or, like Pigeon, they may be used in multiple units and other resources. We’ve added the ability to stream these from our site to make it easy for you to use them in the classroom, in your professional development, or designing your courses.

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