The Diary of Anne Frank Teacher’s Guide PBS Masterpiece Classic

The Diary of Anne Frank Teacher’s Guide PBS Masterpiece Classic

Developed by WGBH in collaboration with Facing History and Ourselves, this study guide accompanies the 2010 PBS Masterpiece Classic series The Diary of Anne Frank, a new film version based on fresh information about Anne Frank’s family, life, and death. Drawing extensively on Anne's own words, including long-deleted passages of her diary, and featuring vividly-recreated scenes filmed in Amsterdam, the series aims to adapt this much-taught classic for a new generation, setting out to show young viewers that Anne was a “thoroughly modern teenager—similar in many ways to today”—who lived in anything-but-normal times.

The guide is aimed at middle school and high school teachers. Together the film and guide can serve as a key element within a larger unit on World War II, Holocaust studies, or coming-of-age literature in social studies, history, English, and writing courses.  It can also be used as a resource within units on diversity, tolerance, and human rights.

Features include:

  • Discussion questions that aim to spark critical thinking and reflection
  • Suggested activities, worksheets and handouts
  • Extensive resources for further exploration, including companion website and links to online resources and social media

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