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Choosing to Participate is a catalyst for conversation about the importance of participation in our community, nation, and world.

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About Choosing to Participate

Created by Facing History and Ourselves, Choosing to Participate is part of a global initiative encouraging young people and adults to think deeply about the importance of participating in a democratic society. 

The Choosing to Participate initiative focuses on civic choices—the decisions people make about themselves and others in their community, nation, and world. The choices people make, both large and small, may not seem important at the time, but little by little they shape us as individuals and responsible global citizens.

Through this initiative, there are numerous opportunities for students, teachers, families, and community members to come together in conversation around complicated questions of prejudice and injustice and to identify ways to transform their communities. Components of this initiative include: Traveling multimedia exhibition, resources for educators, families, and community members, professional development opportunities for educators, online media resources, and in person and online event opportunities.

The Exhibit

The centerpiece of the initiative is a multimedia exhibition. This powerful exhibition examines the impact and history of racism and injustice, and looks at the courageous choices that people made to build strong and inclusive communities. 

Since 1998, the exhibit has been presented 11 times in cities throughout the Untied States, including Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. The most recent tour of the exhibit, sponsored by the Walmart Foundation convened hundreds of thousands of students, educators and community members around the country.  

The exhibit is not currently on display. 

Margot Stern Strom Encourages Students to Explore History

Margot Stern Strom is interviewed by ABC News about exploring the history of racism.